Books by Mail
This mailout service provides library materials to patrons who cannot visit their library due to physical disability or lack of transportation.


Who is eligible?

TRL Patrons with mailing address within the five-country district who have no means of receiving books except by mail OR who qualify to receive library materials under the USPS Free Matter for the Blind service. 


How to apply

  1. Complete the Books by Mail application, available at all locations and Anywhere Library or download an online application at Books by Mail App pdf.
    The print application may be waived, if the applying patron speaks directly with a staff member in person or via our online chat during the setup process.

  2. Return your application to your local library, by email, or mail to:
    Timberland Regional LIbrary
    Atten: Books by Mail
    415 Tumwater Blvd SW
    Tumwater, WA 9850



  • Materials may be checked out for five weeks to allow for mailing time.
  • Items may be renewed once, if there are no holds. 
  • Patrons are responsible for the return of all items, including fees for items lost or damaged.