Expanded Access Hours

Expanded Access Hours

Expanded Access Hours (EAH) allows library patrons to use resources outside standard Library operating hours.



Who is eligible for EAH?

  • Patrons who are 14 years or older and,
  • Possess a valid/active TRL library card
  • Have read the Patron Agreement Form, and
  • Have agreed to the EAH terms & conditions.



Expanded Access Hours are available from 7 am until the library opens and after the library closes until 8 pm, seven days a week (including holidays).

Once approved, your access goes beyond your home library; it includes all EAH locations. It is recommended to check for updates on individual library pages before visiting.

Services include library materials and resources, computers, printing, self-checkout, restrooms, and a space to work. And, can serve as an incubator for local entrepreneurs and small business owners. Meeting Rooms availability varies by location during EAH; visit Reserve a Meeting Room.

During EAH hours, staff will not be in the building. Library staff go over safety and security information such as emergency exits, how to use the phones, what to do if the power goes out, and how to handle other emergencies.

Families are welcome too! Each adult must be approved and can bring minors in their care.

On your next visit, ask staff about signing up today!