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At Timberland Regional Library, you have access to over a million books, CDs, DVDs, audiobooks, eBooks & eAudiobooks, streaming movies and more.

In every Timberland library, you'll find books, CDs, and DVDs, magazines, audiobooks and much more-- in all formats (online and in print) for every interest and age group.

  • Search the online catalog to find titles and request holds, renew checked out items, check due dates, and check the status, inactivate or cancel your holds.
  • Use i-tiva to call the online catalog to hear what you have checked out, renew items and cancel holds.
  • Visit our Stream & Download page to access eBooks & audiobooks, digital magazines, and streaming films.
  • Can't find something you are looking for in our collection? Use our interlibrary loan service to request items from other libraries in the U.S. and Canada.