PDF icon 2018-Final-Budget.pdf2 MB
PDF icon 2017 Preliminary Budget.pdf1.92 MB
PDF icon 2017+Action+Plan+-+Final+Report.pdf1.14 MB
PDF icon 2016+Action+Plan+-+Final+Report.pdf1.36 MB
PDF icon 2015 Draft Final Budget.pdf1.23 MB
PDF icon 2014-2018 TRL Strategic Plan-web.pdf500.17 KB
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PDF icon 2014 Action Plan-Final Report-2-23-15.pdf812.93 KB
PDF icon 2014-2018 TRL Strategic Plan-web.pdf500.17 KB
PDF icon 2014-2018 Strategic Plan - Stakeholder Focus Group Report 12 2013.pdf311.02 KB
PDF icon 2014-2018 Strategic Plan - Review Agency Plans 010314.pdf366.13 KB
PDF icon 2014-2018 Strategic Plan - Report on Data Gathering-010314.pdf431.17 KB
PDF icon 2014-2018 Strategic Plan - Comparison of Regional Libraries 010314.pdf302.04 KB
PDF icon 2014-2018 Strategic Plan - Survey Report - 011314.pdf532.28 KB
PDF icon TRL Draft Capital Planning 10 15 14.pdf838.92 KB
PDF icon Appendix A - CBIZ Facility Evaluations.pdf899.97 KB
PDF icon Appendix B - 2014 FAA Round One Summary.pdf328.09 KB
PDF icon Appendix C - TRL FA Audit 07 2014.pdf4.85 MB
PDF icon Appendix D - Building Fund Policy.pdf88.29 KB
PDF icon Appendix E - Facilities Policy.pdf12.32 KB
PDF icon Draft Facilities Plan Matrix Goals Policies.pdf216.04 KB
PDF icon 1999 FACILITIES Needs Assessment - Detailed Priorities.pdf268 KB
PDF icon 2013 TRL Budget - Final.pdf1.58 MB
PDF icon 2013 TRL Action Plan.pdf528.86 KB
PDF icon 2013 Action Plan Status Final-022114.pdf512.1 KB
PDF icon Aberdeen 2013 Action Plan.Final_.pdf456.93 KB
PDF icon Amanda 2013-Jan-June.pdf568.22 KB
PDF icon Centralia 2013 Action Plan.Final_.pdf456.59 KB
PDF icon Chehalis TRL Action Plan.Final_.pdf378.37 KB
PDF icon Elma 2013 Action Plan.Final_.pdf377.98 KB
PDF icon Hoodsport 2013 Action Plan.Final_.pdf380.87 KB
PDF icon Hoquiam 2013 Action Plan.Final_.pdf375.17 KB
PDF icon Ilwaco 2013 Action Plan.Final_.pdf453.08 KB
PDF icon Lacey 2013 Action Plan.Final_.pdf406.11 KB
PDF icon McCleary 2013 Action Plan.Final_.pdf379.72 KB
PDF icon Montesano 2013 Action Plan.Final_.pdf453.71 KB
PDF icon Mountain View 2013 Action Plan.Final_.pdf375.56 KB
PDF icon Naselle 2013 Action Plan.Final_.pdf491.76 KB
PDF icon North Mason 2013 Action Plan.Final_.pdf403.86 KB
PDF icon Oakville 2013 Action Plan.Final_.pdf454.48 KB
PDF icon Ocean Park 2013 Action Plan.Final_.pdf401.42 KB
PDF icon Olympia 2013 Action Plan.Final_.pdf458.69 KB
PDF icon Packwood 2013 Action Plan.Final_.pdf402.82 KB
PDF icon Raymond 2013 Action Plan.Final_.pdf477.13 KB
PDF icon Salkum 2013 Action Plan.Final_.pdf454.89 KB
PDF icon Shelton 2013 Action Plan.Final_.pdf407.22 KB
PDF icon South Bend 2013 Action Plan.Final_.pdf451.86 KB
PDF icon Tenino 2013 Action Plan.Final_.pdf400.83 KB
PDF icon Tumwater 2013 Action Plan.Final_.pdf505.34 KB
PDF icon Westport 2013 Action Plan.Final_.pdf374.42 KB
PDF icon Winlock 2013 Action Plan.Final_.pdf428.35 KB
PDF icon Yelm 2013 Action Plan.Final_.pdf500.06 KB
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PDF icon 2020 Draft Budget.pdf2.69 MB
PDF icon 2020 Draft Budget (v2).pdf2.69 MB
PDF icon 2020 Draft Budget.pdf2.77 MB
PDF icon 2020 Preliminary Budget Nov 2019.pdf2.73 MB
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