Our Communities Connected

Working to meet the needs of tomorrow’s library users means finding creative ways to increase access to library service. Our strategic focus for the next few years centers on providing expanded service to under-served communities and bolstering services in our local communities. Investing in the future is imperative in supporting needs around early learning initiatives, collaborative partnerships, and outreach. Growth and development of an informed citizenry benefit us all as we work together to meet these opportunities.  

Your donations this year will help us complete the projects below. Thank you for your contribution!


Here are ways to contribute:

General Gift Contribution (accepted year round)


Projects Coming Soon:

East Thurston Mobile Services Project

  • Access to the internet, Wi-Fi, and homework help resources.

  • Books and other physical materials. 

  • Early learning programs such as storytimes for preschoolers. 

Example courtesy of Summit Bodyworks

Lucky Day Library: East Lacey (Hawks Prairie)

  • Site Proposal - Hawks Prairie Professional Center- off 130 Marvin Road, S.E

  • Proximity to several InterCity Transit routes, shopping centers, Thurston County foodbank (for potential partnerships), Meadows Elementary and neighborhood; River Ridge H.S; and 55+ community.   

  • Future easy access and self-service for drive-through pick-up window.


Additional ways to contribute:

Legacy Gifts

We are honored when a member wishes to memorialize a loved one or plan ahead with the estate, will, or life insurance to leave a legacy of learning and discovery for future generations. Please contact us for assistance at or you can mail a check directly to the Timberland Regional Library Finance Office at:

TRL Administrative Center
Attn: Finance Office
415 Tumwater Blvd. S.W.
Olympia, WA 

Get Involved

Help us carry out our mission to provide “learning, enrichment, and enjoyment for people of all ages in our diverse communities.” Learn more about becoming a Volunteer or Friend of the Library and Get Involved.


Books, CD’s, or other items – your gifts are appreciated and accepted with the following provisions: 


* A contribution to Timberland Regional Library is tax-deductible when applied solely for “public purposes” and falls under IRS Code,  26 U.S.C. §170(c)(1).