Frequently Asked Questions

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Some password protected PDF documents are incompatible with our printing system. This is a known issue by our vendor and can occur when using computers in the library or uploading files to from your own device. However, a work-around does exist available for printing these files. 

  1. In Google Chrome, open the PDF file. 

  1. Navigate to File -> Print. 

  1. When the print screen comes up, click Change to choose a different output destination. 

  2. When the Select a destination dialog pops up, choose “Save as PDF”. 

  3. You’ll be returned to the print preview screen again. This time, click the Save button.

  4. After the Save As… dialog box comes up, leave the defaults in place and click Save. 

  5. When it’s done processing, minimize Chrome and double-click the newly created PDF to open it in Adobe Reader. 

  6. Navigate to File -> Print and click the Print button. This will send your password protected PDF to a printer. You may then choose to log in to any print release station to release the job. 


How do I find the reference databases on the TRL website?  

Visit, and browse the A-Z list or subject categories. From the main page of, click on LEARN, then click on Reference Databases.  

Do I need my library card to use a reference database?  

Outside of a TRL location you will need a valid library card and PIN to log in to a database.  

I can’t log in with my library card and/or PIN. 

Make sure you are typing the “d” along with the numbers.  If it still doesn’t work, contact Ask a Librarian

I can’t remember my PIN. 

Try the last four digits of your phone number.  If it still doesn’t work, contact Ask a Librarian

What online resources can I use with my library card?  

We offer educational and entertainment online resources. See our Reference Databases, Online Learning, and Stream & Download pages for more information.  

Why do I have to log in separately to online services I use through the library website?  

The TRL website has links to online resources that are managed by third-parties, such as OverDrive, Kanopy, RBdigital, and various databases. When you leave the TRL website you may need to register or log in to these third-party services. For example, you may start out in the library catalog where you log in to your account to place a hold. You then navigate to RBdigital to check out a digital magazine.  Once at the RBdigital site you will need to log in with your RBdigital account information to complete your checkout and read your magazines.  

Why can’t I access X database/service?  

Confirm you are using the correct link from the library website. These links are specific to TRL. See our Reference Databases and Stream & Download pages for correct links. Some services, like OverDrive, Kanopy, and RBdigital also require you to set up an account, usually with an email and password.  

How can I tell if an article is available as full-text?  

The article listings in the periodical/newspaper databases should indicate whether an item is full-text, abstract, or citation only.  If you need assistance, contact Ask a Librarian

Can I print/save/email articles?  

Yes, though where these options are located will vary from database to database.   Some resources now come with the option of saving items to google drive or Microsoft. If you need assistance, contact Ask a Librarian.

Library Cards

  • See details about library card eligibility, and how the library protects the privacy of my library account.

Checkout Periods

  • Feature film videos and feature film DVDs - 7 Days
  • All Other TRL Items - 3 Weeks
  • Interlibrary loans – Loan period depends on the loaning library

Checkout and Hold Limits

For regular cards:

  • 50 checkouts
  • 25 holds
  • Digital Downloads (Overdrive): 12 checkouts / 8 holds, purchase requests 1 every 10 days
  • Streaming Movies (Kanopy): 5 checkouts per month

For basic cards:

  • 5 checkouts
  • 5 holds
  • Digital Downloads (Overdrive): 12 checkouts / 8 holds, purchase requests 1 every 10 days
  • Streaming Movies (Kanopy): 5 checkouts per month

Basic cards may be upgraded to regular card with verification of physical address.


Login to the Library Catalog

  • To review your checkouts, due dates, holds and fines, and to renew materials, login to the library catalog.
  • You can login on any screen in the catalog in the upper right corner.  Enter your library card number and PIN.

Catalog Search

  • Catalog Search: You can search the catalog by keywords by author, title, subject or series.  You can narrow your search by selecting Library or many other search facets on the left.
  • To search for an exact phrase, enclose your search terms in double quotes, e.g., "rob roy".
  • Or click on the Advanced Search link to the right of the Search button for other search options.

Review Items Checked Out

There are several ways to review your library record to see what items you have checked out.

Use the Library Catalog from home or in the library

  • Login in the upper-right corner of any catalog screen. You will see a Welcome message with your name and a link to My Account and My Lists. Click the My Account link.
  • Select the Checkouts tab to see a list of items you have checked out, overdue or "lost".   (Lost means that the items are more than 28 days overdue.)

Call i-tiva at 360-586-1599 (in the Olympia calling area) or 1-800-582-9703.  

  • Select option 2 to hear your account options
  • Enter your library card number (without the D) and last four digits of your phone number or PIN.
  • Follow the menu options to hear a list of items you have checked out.

Contact Ask A Librarian, call your local library or ask a staff member in the library for help canceling your hold.


If you need a checked out item longer, you can renew it twice if no one else has a hold on it.  The renewal period is the same as the original loan period and is calculated from the date of the checkout. 

Use the Library Catalog from home or in the library

  • Login in the upper-right corner of any catalog screen.
  • You will see a Welcome message with your name and a link to My Account and My Lists.
  • Click the My Account link.
  • Select the Checkouts tab to see a list of items you have checked out, overdue or "lost".
  • Click on the check box in front of the item(s) you wish to renew. Then click on the Renew button at the top or bottom of the checkout list.
  • The item will be renewed if no one else has a hold on it and if you have not already renewed it twice.

Call i-tiva at 360-586-1599 (in the Olympia calling area) or 1-800-582-9703.  

  • Select option 2 to hear your account options
  • Enter your library card number (without the D) and last four digits of your phone number or PIN
  • Follow the menu options to renew items that you have checked out.
  • An item will be renewed if no one else has a hold on it and if you have not already renewed it twice.

Contact Ask A Librarian, call your local library or ask a staff member in the library for help canceling your hold.

Overdue Fines and Fees

It costs .15¢/day to keep an item past the due date if unable to return or renew on time. All funds from overdue fees supports vital library programs throughout the library district. Your support is greatly appreciated. There is a maximum of $4.20 charged per check out period, per item.

See how to pay your fines online with a credit or debit card or pay via cash or check at your local library.

Overdue Notices

Timberland sends three overdue notices and a bill notice if items are not returned by the due date. Overdue notices are sent by:

  • Email - An email notice will be sent to you if you have provided your email address to the Library for your patron record.
    • Login to the Library Catalog to enter or update your email address.
    • Click on the My Account link.
    • Select the Personal Information tab to add or update your email address.
    • Or, contact Ask A Librarian, call your local library or ask a staff member in the library to add or change your email address to your patron record if you want your notices emailed to you. 
  • Text Message - A text message will be sent if you have provided your cell phone number in your library patron record. Standard text messaging rates apply.
    • Login to the Library Catalog to add or update your cell phone number for hold text messages.  
    • Click on the My Account link, select the Personal Information Tab then SMS Notifications.
    • Or, contact Ask A Librarian, call your local library or ask a staff member in the library to add or change your cell phone number. 
  • Telephone - i-tiva, TRL's automated telephone notification system will call you.
  • Print - A printed overdue notice will be mailed to you if i-tiva can't reach you.

Timberland sends a bill notice 28 days after an item becomes overdue to let you know what the replacement cost is. Bill notices are printed or emailed. Bill notices cannot be delivered via i-tiva.

Other Fines and Fees

  • Replacement costs are charged for items that are 28 days overdue. These are referred to as "lost" items. You may know where they are, but they are "lost" to TRL. The replacement cost is waived when the item is returned in good condition, though overdue fees still apply.
  • Damage fees are charged if an item is damaged while you have it checked out. Staff inspect items for damage when they are returned so you will not be charged for damage that occurred before you checked an item out.
  • Interlibrary loan fees are charged if the library we are borrowing from on your behalf charges a fee. You determine the maximum amount you are willing to pay before we request the item. TRL always searches for free services first.

Interlibrary Loans

If Timberland does not own an item that you need, it may be possible to borrow it from another library through Interlibrary Loan. More information on Interlibrary Loan service.

Automated Renewal & Notification

i-tiva is an automated voice messaging system that is connected to the Library's online catalog.  i-tiva calls patrons by telephone to notify them about overdue items and about items that are being held for them and are ready for pick up. You can call i-tiva to hear what items you have checked out and overdue, to renew items, and to hear how many items you have on hold and are ready to pick up, and to cancel holds that are waiting in the library for you to pick up.


OverDrive items show up in the TRL catalog, and you can also find the entire TRL OverDrive collection at:

Additionally, OverDrive can provide help with downloading titles and troubleshooting issues with the OverDrive and Libby apps. Their help information is available at

Use your Timberland library card to:

  • Checkout books, magazines, DVDs & CDs
  • Download ebooks, audiobooks, videos, and music
  • Check the online catalog in the library, from home, office, or school, or by telephone to see what items you have checked out, overdue, or on hold and place holds on items
  • Use a library computer with Internet access and Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher
  • In the library or from home, access hundreds of online newspapers and magazines and dozens of online classes and other resources on health, business, computers, genealogy, car repair, hobbies, and many more topics

Timberland library cards are free to:

Applicants of any age, with provision of current physical address and proof of identity, who meet any of the following criteria:

  • Anyone living or owning property in TRL's 5-county Service Area: Grays Harbor, Lewis, Mason, Pacific, and Thurston counties (except residents of these cities: Mossyrock, Napavine, Ocean Shores, Pe Ell, and Vader.)
  • Non-resident individuals who work in or attend school in the TRL Service Area
  • Institutions, businesses, and qualifying homeschools in the TRL Service Area
  • Washington State legislators and legislative staff
  • Residents of library districts that have reciprocal borrowing agreements with TRL (see details below)
  • Residents of other areas outside of the TRL Service area within Washington that have tax-supported public library service

How to get a library card:

Non-Residents may buy a library card:

  • In 2019, the price is $92 per year, with the option of a six-month card at $46, a three-month card at $23, or a one-month card at $8
  • The non-resident fee is for the entire household, each household member receives their own library card
  • Residents of Washington State and Clatsop County in Oregon, not in the TRL Service Area and not covered by a reciprocal agreement or cooperative service area, may purchase a Non-Resident card
  • The cost of the card is determined by the average cost each household in the Timberland district pays in property taxes for library services and is re-calculated annually

Library Card options:


Proof of address required

Checkouts / Holds

Loan period

Checkout renewals

Database & rbDigital & Kanopy













































Y + complete application form







Y + administrator approval







Y + administrator approval







Y + personal library card + current letter of intent to homeschool






Library Account Privacy

What does the library do to protect my library card account?

TRL protects the privacy of your account, keeping all records confidential. We only release information to the person to whom the card is issued, unless you instruct us otherwise (See the Library Card Permissions Form). That includes all information in your account, e.g., address and contact information, items borrowed or requested, and computer use information.

You may opt to share information with others, granting others specific permissions or linking your account to others. Parents should work with their minor children to determine what methods will work best to help children manage their accounts and selection of materials. Check with your local library staff for details.

Reciprocal Borrowing Agreements:

Reciprocal borrowing agreements between library systems allow residents of one library district to use the services of another library district. Library users may apply for and have library cards in the other library system.

In general, you must show proof of residence in your "home" library district to get a card in the "other" library district.  The agreements with Seattle Public Library and Longview Public Library require that you show a valid library card in your "home" library in order to apply for a card in the "other" system. 

reciprocal borrowing agreement map

TRL has reciprocal borrowing agreements with the following library systems: 

  • Fort Vancouver Library System (Clark, Klickitat, Skamania Counties, the City of Woodland, and Yale Precinct in Cowlitz County)
  • Jefferson County Library
  • King County Library System (Hunts Point, Yarrow Point not eligible)
  • Kitsap Regional Library (Kitsap County)
  • Longview Public Library (Must show your Longview Public Library card to get a TRL card; must show your TRL card to get a Longview card)
  • North Central Regional Library (Okanogan, Chelan, Douglas, Ferry, Grant Counties) (Conconcully, Hartline, Marlin, Nespelem, Rock Island not eligible.)
  • North Olympic Library System (Clallam County)
  • Pierce County Library (Carbonado, Fircrest, Ruston not eligible)
  • Puyallup Public Library
  • Seattle Public Library (Must show your Seattle Public Library card to get a TRL card; must show your TRL card to get a Seattle card)
  • Sno-Isle Regional Library (Snohomish, Island Counties) (Woodway not eligible)
  • Upper Skagit Library District
  • Whatcom County Library

Cooperative Service Area:

An alternative to reciprocal agreements, the cooperative service area includes those areas in Washington State, outside of the TRL Service area, that have tax-supported public library service. As with areas covered by a reciprocal agreement, you will need to apply at a Timberland Regional Library and provide ID and address verification showing that you qualify.

You can now use your Visa or MasterCard to pay library fines and fees using My Account in the library catalog.

The minimum transaction is $1.

  1. Login to My Account in the library catalog
  2. Select the Fines tab. 
    my account paying fines tab
  3. Select the items you want to pay for and click Make Payment.
    selecting items when paying fines online
  4. Enter your payment information and click Submit
    entering payment info when paying fines online
  5. After your payment is processed click Back to My Account to return to the library catalog

Do you have a question for TRL's Ask a Librarian service?

Our professional librarians are prepared to help find the information and resources you need, 

Ask by PhoneAsk a Librarian a question

360.704.INFO (4636)
in the Olympia calling area

Toll-free outside Olympia calling area


Monday - Saturday: 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Sunday: Closed
(Except Holidays)

Ask by Email

NOTE: Most answers are provided in 24 to 48 hours by email except on holidays.
Please use this form for Interlibrary Loan or Purchase Requests

Ask for Reading Suggestions


TRL is no longer a member of the National Cooperative Chat Service. 
Local information and Patron records were not accessible to national chat librarians.

Wi-Fi Printing – Frequently Asked Questions

Can I print while using Wi-Fi?

Yes. Wi-Fi printing is available in all TRL libraries.

What is required to use Wi-Fi printing?

You need a Timberland Library Card, Internet Card, or Visitor Pass and be using a laptop, tablet or other mobile device with a current web browser.

How does Wi-Fi printing work?

Open MyPrintCenter and log in using your Timberland Library Card, Internet Card or Visitor Pass. You can then upload a file and proceed to any Timberland Regional Library and release the job at a print release station. You can also print via the mobile apps or by sending an email.

What kind of files can I print?

The following document types can be uploaded and printed:

  • Word - .DOC, .DOCX and .RTF files
  • Excel - .XLS and .XLSX files
  • PowerPoint - .PPT and .PPTX files
  • PDF - .PDF files
  • Text - .TXT files
  • Image files - BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG and TIF files

How do I upload documents to the Pharos Print Center?

  1. From a web browser open
  2. Enter your library card number and PIN when prompted.
  3. Click the Upload icon.
  4. Browse to and select the document to be printed.
  5. In the lower right corner of the screen you can change print options including the number of copies and whether the pages are printed single-sided or double-sided.
  6. You will have up to 24 hours to go to a Timberland library, log in to a print release station and print your documents.

Can I print messages from a webpage?

No. At this time TRL Wi-Fi printing does not support this. If the site lets you download information to a PDF file, you can save the file to your device and then upload and print the PDF file. If this will not work you can use one of the library’s Internet computers to print.

Do Wi-Fi print jobs count against my 100 free pages a week?

Yes. Pages printed count against the 100 free pages allowed per week. You will be charged $0.10/side printed for additional pages.

Can I use Wi-Fi printing when the library is closed?

The MyPrintCenter web application is always available, but print jobs can only be released during local library open hours.

Can I print using my smart phone?

There are Pharos Print apps to download for iOS and Android devices. When setting up the app use "" for the server address and "443" for the server port. 

Can I print a range of pages for long documents?

You can specify a range of pages after uploading the file in MyPrintCenter

How do I print from from my email account?

  1. From your email account, send the message you wish to print to If the message has attachments, they will be printed. Otherwise the email message will print.
  2. If your email address is already registered in Pharos, you will receive a reply email telling you that your documents are ready to print.
  3. You will have up to 24 hours to go to a Timberland library, log in to a print release station and print your documents.
  4. If your email address is not registered in Pharos, you will receive an email with a link to complete your email registration:
    • Select the "Click to register your email address" link. The Pharos My Print Center website will open.
    • Log in to the Print Center with your library barcode and PIN. You will receive a message saying 'Email address has successfully been registered to your account'.
    • Click OK.
  5. You will have up to 24 hours to go to a Timberland library, log in to a print release station and print your documents.

You can register more than one email address with Pharos.


    Meeting Rooms for Public Use

    Many TRL libraries have one or more meeting rooms that may be reserved by individuals and groups. If you are interested in reserving a room, call the local library to ask about availability and to reserve a time for your meeting.

    Read the Meeting Room Use Policy



    Aberdeen - Large meeting room 60
    Aberdeen - Small board room 6-8
    Amanda Park 30
    Centralia 77
    Chehalis - Large meeting room 49
    Chehalis - Small board room 8
    Elma 50
    Hoodsport 50

    Hoquiam - Large meeting room

    (closed during renovation until 2019)


    Hoquiam - Small board room

    (closed during renovation until 2019)

    Ilwaco 60
    Lacey 160 (80 sitting)
    McCleary 20
    Montesano 75
    Mountain View 20
    Naselle 24
    North Mason 65
    Oakville none
    Ocean Park 35
    Olympia 43
    Packwood none
    Raymond 49
    Salkum 60
    Shelton 132
    South Bend none
    Tenino none
    Tumwater 52
    Westport 27
    Winlock none
    Yelm none

    Become a library volunteer!

    There are tasks ranging from stamping labels to putting on new book jackets. You might deliver library materials to the homebound or help with the Summer Library Program.

    Each year approximately 800 valuable community volunteers apply their skills and talents in 27 branch libraries throughout Timberland's five counties and at the Administrative Service Center in Tumwater. Library volunteers enjoy knowing they contribute to one of the best library systems in Washington State.

    Reserve a Computer - Click Here 

    Wi-Fi Internet Access

    Timberland Regional Library (TRL) provides free wireless access (Wi-Fi) to the Internet in all TRL libraries. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about using Wi-Fi in the library.

    Which Timberland libraries offer Wi-Fi?

    • Wi-Fi access is available in all TRL libraries.

    What hours is the Wi-Fi service available?

    • Daily 6:00am - midnight

    What do I need to use Wi-Fi at the library?

    • TRL uses the Wi-Fi standard known as IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n.
    • You need to bring your Wi-Fi capable laptop, tablet or other mobile device to the library.
    • Devices should automatically get settings from our servers (DHCP), and custom network settings (especially DNS) will not work properly, and will not be supported.
    • Most Wi-Fi equipment should work but TRL cannot guarantee that your equipment will be compatible with the library’s Wi-Fi network.

    Do I need a login and password to connect?

    • No login or password is required to connect to the TRL Wi-Fi network. Just look for "trlguest" in the list of available networks on your device.

    Can library staff help me configure my computer?

    • Library staff do not provide technical assistance for connecting to the Wi-Fi network.
    • Everyone’s computer hardware and software are different so you are responsible for knowing how to configure and restore the settings on your own computer or device.
    • TRL is not responsible for any changes you make to your device settings.
    • If you need assistance, you may need to contact your hardware or software manufacturers.

    Can I access the library catalog and reference databases?

    • Most laptops and tablets and many other mobile devices will let you access the library catalog and reference databases from the TRL home page. Because you are "inside" the library's network, you do not need a library card to access the reference databases.

    Are there any restrictions on my use of the Internet?

    • There is no time limit on Wi-Fi sessions.
    • Wi-Fi reception and connection speeds are affected by your distance from the TRL Wi-Fi equipment and by barriers such as brick walls, metal bookshelves, stairways and people. The number of computers in use in the local library and traffic on the wider Internet may also affect speed. Reception and speed may improve if you move to a different location in the building.
    • All Wi-Fi Internet access goes through TRL’s Internet content filter which blocks Internet sites that contain adult content. There is no provision for turning off the filter on the Wi-Fi network.

    Can I print while using Wi-Fi?

    • You can use MobilePrint with your Wi-Fi device in all TRL libraries.
    • Although the TRL Wi-Fi service hours are 6am to midnight, 7 days/week, you can only release print jobs during your local library's open hours.
    • You are required to use your own TRL Library Card, Internet Card, or Visitor Card to use MobilePrint.
    • You can print up to 100 free pages per week (Mon-Sat). Additional pages cost $0.10/side printed.
    • The weekly 100-page limit includes all chargeable printing done at TRL libraries throughout the library district.
    • For more information, see Access Mobile Printing.

    Is my information safe while using Wi-Fi?

    • The library’s Wi-Fi network is not encrypted or guaranteed to be secure from interception. Information sent to or from your device could be intercepted by anyone within three hundred feet with a Wi-Fi device and with the appropriate software. Keep this in mind if you are accessing sensitive business or personal information. It is recommended that you access private web information only through a secure browser connection with SSL enabled.
    • It is recommended that you not enable file sharing or print sharing when using a public shared network. If you do so, other people may be able to gain access to your hard drive and files or misuse your device.
    • You should have have up-to-date virus detection software installed on your laptop, tablet or mobile device.

    Electrical Outlets

    • Plan to have the battery for your laptop, tablet or mobile device fully charged when you come to the library.
    • Some libraries have electrical outlets available that you can plug your device into, other libraries have none.

    Does the library have computers I can use?

    • Yes! All of our libraries have public computers and printers. Usage of the public computers is handled through a PC reservation system called Pharos.

    Pharos Signup PC Reservation System

    To reserve an Internet PC, please visit this link or select your branch from the map below.

    Timberland uses the software Pharos to reserve and manage time on Internet computers.

    • Advance reservations for 1 hour sessions.
    • Automatic computer session extensions.

    If this is the first time you have reserved a computer with Pharos, you may want to look at the instructions.

    TRLAberdeenAmanda ParkCentraliaChehalisElmaHoodsportHoquiamIlwacoLaceyMcClearyMontesanoMountain ViewNaselleNorth MasonOakvilleOcean ParkOlympiaPackwoodRaymondSalkumSheltonSouth BendTeninoTumwaterWestportWinlockYelm


    Aids for Better Living: Tools to help with vision, hearing, mobility, and communication

    You can borrow assistive devices through your local Timberland library. The purpose of this small collection of assistive devices is to provide you the opportunity to try out a device you may be considering for yourself or another and to encourage thinking about how assistive devices may promote greater independence.

    Assistive Technology includes any device that is used to maintain or improve functional abilities of an individual with a disability.  A device can be high or low tech, off the shelf or specially designed.

    • Search the TRL Library Catalog under WATAP to see the assistive tools available for checkout.  You may place a hold on an item that interests you and it will be available at the library of your choice within a few days (unless it’s already checked out to someone else!) 
    • View a description and photo of each item. 
    • Ask at your local library’s information desk to see a printed catalog of available items.

    Try these products at your home, school or work for up to three weeks.  They may not be renewed, since the purpose of the service is to let you try them out to see if the device suits your needs. 

    “Borrowing Assistive Technology gives you the 
    opportunity to try products in the environment where it
    will be used and to make the best choice
    before making a financial investment.”

    Washington Assistive Technology Act Program

    Get started at TRL.WATAP.ORG  or check the printed catalog available at your local Timberland library. 

    Please Note:

    • You need your library card to place a hold in the TRL Library Catalog to reserve the assistive device.
    • The device must be picked up in the library of your choice – no mail outs.
    • Please fill out the feedback card included with checkout – postage paid.
    • Checkout is for three weeks only – no renewals.
    • Items must be returned inside any TRL library - do not return in bookdrop.

    After you’ve tried it out:

    • WATAP partners with the Northwest Access Fund to offer affordable alternatives for financing Assistive Technology (AT) for education, work, and independent living.
    • Find organizations that distribute gently used assistive and medical equipment through the Evergreen Reuse Coalition.


    WATAP is a federally funded program offering low cost and free Assistive Technology Services.
    WATAP is part of 
    University of Washington
    Center for Technology & Disability Studies

    Buy Used TRL Books, DVDs & CDs online at Thrift Books

    Attend Library Friends Used Book Sales - See the online events calendar for dates and times.

    Youth Connect Boxes!

    Helping Community Youth Organizations connect books and literacy with Children and Teens.

    What are Youth Connect Boxes?

    Youth Connect Boxes are tubs filled with 55-70 books which are available for loan to community centers, health care agencies, before and after school programs, Head Start locations, preschools, daycare centers, day camps, and anyone who works directly with youth groups.

    No Fines. No Fees. It's completely free.

    Request a Youth Connect Box today!

    Connect! Seniors & Books

    Reaching Out to Seniors in Our Community

    Timberland Regional Library wants to reach senior citizens, so we are making it convenient for you to bring the library to your senior group home or facility. 

    Timberland has filled rolling carry-on suitcases with books in print, CD audiobooks, and DVD videos that let you offer your clients materials that:

    • Stimulate the minds and memory through reading.
    • Provide for the sharing of stories and experiences.

    Contact your local TRL library to request a Senior Connect Box today!

    Items not owned by TRL can be requested from other libraries via the Interlibrary Loan program, or patrons can suggest that TRL purchase an item. The form for both of those options is located here.

    Used Books

    Donate Your Used Books to the Library

    TRL welcomes donations of books and other materials. Library staff evaluate all donated materials for possible addition to the Library's collection.

    Books in like-new or good condition are gladly accepted. We also welcome audios, videos, and CDs. We are unable to accept magazines or textbooks.

    We accept gifts at any of our Timberland libraries. Books donated in boxes are most helpful. Unfortunately, we are unable to pick up boxes from a person's home or carry boxes into the library from vehicles.

    In order for donated materials to be of use to the Library:

    • Books must be intact. We cannot use materials with yellowed, brittle pages or damaged bindings.
    • Books must have no stains or water damage. We cannot use wet or mildewed items.
    • Books must not have an odor (examples: cigar, cigarette or musty odor).
    • Books must not have notes, highlighting, or underlining in them.

    Library staff do not assess the value of donated materials for tax purposes. We will be glad to give you a receipt which will also serve as the acknowledgement of your gift. If you'd like a receipt, please provide us with the number of items donated.

    Donations accepted for addition to the TRL collection become the property of TRL, will be placed where most appropriate and will be available to all residents of the TRL district.  Items not added to the TRL collection may be sold to the Friends of the local Timberland library for book sales.  These groups are non-profit organizations that donate book sale proceeds to the local library in support of TRL's mission, programs and collection. 

    Timberland has been using outside vendors to sell discarded books, CDs and DVDs for several years. Using a partner, such as Thrift Books, makes financial sense because the items receive better market exposure, are priced by experts in the used book market and no TRL staff time is used beyond placing items in a box for pickup. In return TRL receives a percentage of the sales price. TRL received $95,000 in revenue from 2004 to 2013. 

    Items are constantly discarded from the collection for a variety of reasons including low or no use, poor condition and outdated content (applies particularly to medical and legal items). TRL adds nearly 140,000 items to the collection every year to meet the needs of library patrons. Since the library buildings cannot grow, some material must be discarded to make room on the shelves. 

    Items that may be listed as being in “good” condition on our bookseller's site may have been weeded because of low/no use or outdated content. The library often buys many copies of new books to meet patron demand. Once that demand has been met, the extra copies are discarded and sold to make room for new items. 

    Library Policies

    Learn more about the Board of Trustees and view meeting schedules under About TRL

    Timberland Regional Library Board of Trustees meetings and associated documents are stored on AV Capture All.
    If you see a variety of organizations listed, click the search icon to locate recordings of TRL meetings using: Timberland Regional Library, WA

    Screenshot of AVCapture All page



    Interlibrary Loan

    Please either contact our Interlibrary Loan department at 1-800-562-6022 or call your local TRL branch directly. 

    Simply cancelling the listing of your hold on your online TRL account does not stop the item you requested from being sent from another library.

    Please speak with library staff as soon as possible if you need to cancel  or suspend your ILL request.

    To submit an online ILL request, click on Interlibrary Loan Request. You may also submit an ILL request by calling or visiting any Timberland library, or by calling 1-800-562-6022 or 360-704-INFO in the Olympia-Lacey-Tumwater area.

    Most ILL items will come within two weeks. However, harder-to-find items occasionally take up to six weeks to locate a library who owns the item and is willing to lend it, and for them to physically mail the item to TRL. You will be notified when your ILL request comes in the same way you are notified when your TRL holds are available for pickup. If you need an ILL item by a certain date, please make a note of this in the “additional comments” field on your request, and we will do our best to accommodate.

    PLEASE NOTE: Not all ILL requests are successful. Some libraries do not lend DVDs or genealogical materials, for example. If your request cannot be filled, you will be notified and the request will be removed from your holds list.

    TRL patrons can request print books (large print or regular print), DVDs or VHSs, music CDs or cassettes, audiobooks on CD or cassette, photocopied journal articles, and materials on microfiche or microfilm. If you are unsure if your desired item can be loaned through ILL, feel free to call (1-800-562-6022) or submit a question through Ask a Librarian and we will be happy to double-check for you.

    PLEASE NOTE: Items published within the past year cannot be borrowed through ILL, but will be forwarded to Timberland’s Collection Development Specialists for purchase consideration.

    Patrons, with a regular or paid non-resident card, who do not have overdue ILL materials or fines of $10.00 or more on their account may request ILL items. TRL patrons may have a maximum of 5 active ILL requests (on hold or checked out) at one time and no more than 25 total holds.

    Usually, it takes a day or two for requests to be processed and for us to locate potential lenders for the requested item, depending on how many requests there are on any given day. Your request will be manually created and placed on your account by the ILL staff as soon as we have submitted your request to the potential lending libraries.

    Why do we ask how much you are willing to pay, if necessary? While TRL does not charge for ILL service, many other libraries do. We always try to fill your requests for free, but some things are only available from locations that charge fees. You will never be charged more than you have agreed to pay. Letting us know in advance how much you are willing to pay, will help us obtain your copy sooner if payment is necessary. If you don't wish to pay any fees even though your article isn't available for free, that is okay. Just enter 0 in the payment field. 

    If you couldn’t find the item you were looking for in Timberland’s collection, Timberland may be able to borrow your desired item from another library for your use. Timberland borrows items for patrons every day from willing libraries all over the US and Canada.


    What are zines?

    zines - copy and destroy
    Zines (pronounced "zeen," like "bean") are self-published - often via photocopier - magazines with limited print runs. They can be on any topic or many, are usually written by one person or a few individuals, and typically provide an individualistic or alternative point of view. Copy and Destroy image from Stolen Sharpie Revolution  zine by Alex Wrekk

    The zine collection currently lives at the Olympia Timberland Library, where they are arranged in alphabetical order by title. You can search for zines in the catalog and request them to be sent to the Timberland library of your choice.

    You can search the catalog by author (ex: Wrekk, Alex), by title (ex: Funwater Awesome#1), or by subject (ex: feminist zines). To see a list of all 43 zine subjects, search the word “zines” as a subject word.

    You can check out up to fifty total items, including zines, with your Timberland library card. You may keep a zine for three weeks and renew it twice as long as nobody else is waiting for it. You will pay 15 cents per day for each zine that you return late.

    We purchase zines that we have found to be of general interest to the readers in our communities with an emphasis on local and Northwest zines. We collect zines in over 40 subject areas, including: Activism, Body Image, Comics, Disabilities, DIY & How-to, Elderly, Feminist, Food, Homelessness, Humor, LGBTQ, Literature & Poetry, Music, Parenting, Punk, & Teen zines.

    Zines are the purest form of counterculture expression that exists in printed form, and insightful indicators of current times. They represent the under-represented and give voice to marginalized members of society. Zines are interesting and cheap, and as a public library, it is our job to provide access to all types of information.

    Timberland accepts zine donations that fit our collection guidelines, and we place an emphasis on zines that were created locally. If we decide that a zine isn’t right for our collection, we give the zines back or donate them elsewhere, based on your preference.