How Do I Print A Password Protected PDF?

Some password protected PDF documents are incompatible with our printing system. This is a known issue by our vendor and can occur when using computers in the library or uploading files to from your own device. However, a work-around does exist available for printing these files. 

  1. In Google Chrome, open the PDF file. 

  1. Navigate to File -> Print. 

  1. When the print screen comes up, click Change to choose a different output destination. 

  2. When the Select a destination dialog pops up, choose “Save as PDF”. 

  3. You’ll be returned to the print preview screen again. This time, click the Save button.

  4. After the Save As… dialog box comes up, leave the defaults in place and click Save. 

  5. When it’s done processing, minimize Chrome and double-click the newly created PDF to open it in Adobe Reader. 

  6. Navigate to File -> Print and click the Print button. This will send your password protected PDF to a printer. You may then choose to log in to any print release station to release the job.