Interlibrary Loan

Looking for something Timberland does not have in our collection? Use our Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service to request and checkout up to 5 ILL items on your account from libraries all over the US and Canada.

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**There is a sporadic issue with error messages that indicate requests have not been submitted correctly. The request may have gone through anyway. If you get an error message, please check your Requests in the user portal before submitting the request again.


Login to request books, films, articles, and more - Use your Timberland Library card barcode and PIN to enter your request. All the browser windows must be closed to be completely signed out.


ILL basic information:

  • You must have an eligible TRL library card to place ILL requests.
    • A patron must be a resident of the Timberland library district with a Regular Timberland card, a non-resident with a paid non-resident card, or a Timberland employee using their Regular Timberland card.
    • Non-residents with cards based on reciprocal borrowing agreements will not receive ILL service, but will be referred back to their home libraries. Reciprocal borrowers are not eligible to submit ILL or purchase requests. Internet card holders are not eligible to submit ILL or purchase requests.
  • You may have up to 5 ILL requests at a time on your account (ILL requests count toward your total maximum item holds on your Timberland Library account).
  • ILL requests for items that are less than a year old will not be accepted.
  • Requests will not be accepted from patrons whose accounts are blocked.
  • An institutional TRL Library card may not be used for ILL service. This includes Timberland Branch cards. An individual patron’s card may be used on behalf of an organization or institution.
  • TRL district residents may ask that ILL materials be mailed to them if they qualify to have other Timberland materials mailed. Non-residents who have paid the service fee will not receive ILL items by mail. ILLs will not be mailed outside of the library district.

Note: When creating a new ILL request using your phone or other mobile device, the request form options may not display correctly in portrait view (device held upright). Try one of the links to the specific format forms - BooksCDs, DVDs, & MicrofilmCopies, Articles & Scans - or use landscape view (device held sideways) to view all request form options.