Interlibrary Loan or Purchase Request Form

Use this form to request a specific book, CD, DVD, etc. that TRL does not own. If you do not need a specific article but need information about a subject, please use the Got a Question for Librarians? email form.

Request only ONE title per form.

To avoid delays, always check the Library catalog to see the Library already owns the item.

TRL may be able to request an item from another library on Interlibrary Loan (ILL) for TRL patrons (library card is required). Items published within the past year cannot be requested through ILL, but will be forwarded to the Selections Department for purchase consideration.

Requests may take 4-6 weeks depending on availability.

For immediate assistance, talk to staff in your local library.

I want to borrow this item through Interlibrary Loan (takes 4-6 weeks)
I think the library should consider this item for purchase (takes 2-4 months) (item must already be published)
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Talking Book - CD
Talking Book - Cassette
Asterisk () denotes required field.  

More about ILL and Purchase Requests:

  • Purchase Requests
    • TRL does not accept Purchase Requests for items that are not yet published.
    • TRL patrons are limited to 5 Purchase Requests per week.
    • Purchase request for downloadable audiobooks & ebooks must be submitted using overdrive's "Additional titles to recommend" feature.
  • ILL Requests
    • TRL will pass through to patrons any fees that other library systems charge to fill TRL ILL requests.  Most ILL transactions do not have a fee.  You are required to state how much you will pay to obtain an item through ILL. 
    • TRL patrons are limited to 5 active ILL Requests at a time.
    • TRL does not request the same item for the same patron within a six month period.
    • TRL does not accept or process ILL Requests from patrons who currently have overdue ILL materials on their records.
    • ILLs cannot be renewed.
  • Important note about ILL cancellations - If you need to cancel an ILL request, you must contact us at 360.704.4636 (Olympia calling area) or 1.800.562.6022 (toll-free outside of the Olympia calling area) or call your local library.  ILL requests cannot be suspended.  Do not try to cancel or suspend an ILL request in your Hold Request List in the Library Catalog.