Library of Things

Explore our unique natural environments, test a product, take up a new hobby! All items checkout for up to 3 weeks.

Birding Backpacks:

Available at: most Timberland libraries.

Funded through the generosity of the Black Hills Audubon Society.

Each backpack includes:

  • 2 pair of binoculars, with instructions and cases
  • Information booklet Birdwatching Backpack: includes list of BHAS favorite smaller local birding sites / by Black Hills Audubon Society
  • 2 Birdwatching books:
    • Plant and bird identification guides
    • Birding maps for the Puget Sound and Olympic Peninsula
  • 1 year free membership to the Black Hills Audubon Society


Explore your forest! Backpacks:

Available at: Mountain View and Packwood

Funded through the generosity of the Gifford Pinchot National Forest Agency.

Each backpack includes:

  • 1 pair of adult binoculars and 1 pair of youth binoculars
  • 1 first aid kit, whistle (with built-in compass/thermometer/magnifier),
  • 1 clip-on pedometer with instructions in box
  • 1 pocket magnifier, bug box with magnifier lid , a Leave No Trace trail etiquette card, 1 trail journal (Journeys through Journaling), small fishing net, adventure cards.
  • Informational maps, identification cards, and booklets.
  • Northwest Forest pass.


Musical Instruments:

Available at: Yelm

Try out a guitar, cajon, or a ukulele from this musical collection.


Light Therapy Lamps:

Available at: Aberdeen, Ocean Park, Olympia, Salkum, and Yelm

Feeling the winter blues? Check out one of our light therapy lamps!


Assistive Devices (Washington Assistive Technology Act Program) WATAP Collection

Portions of the collection available in branch at: Centralia, Hoqiuam, North Mason, Ocean Park

Complete collection items available via hold request to any branch. 

WATAP is a federally funded program offering low cost and free Assistive Technology Services.
WATAP is part of University of Washington Center for Technology & Disability Studies

The purpose of this small collection of assistive devices is to provide you the opportunity to try out a device you may be considering for yourself or another and to encourage thinking about how assistive devices may promote greater independence.

Assistive Technology includes any device that is used to maintain or improve functional abilities of an individual with a disability.  A device can be high or low tech, off the shelf or specially designed.


Finally, many of our libraries offer puzzles, board games, bike locks, and more that can be used at the library. Check with your local Timberland library to find out what they have available!