About the Toledo Community Library and TRL Kiosk:

The Toledo Community Library is an effort of the Friends of the Toledo Library, a grassroots, not-for-profit group of community volunteers who support having library service in Toldeo. The Toledo Community Library has a Timberland Regional Library Kiosk. The kiosk is equipped with two computer stations; one computer provides access to the TRL library catalog, web site, and reference databases. The second computer allows patrons to check out their holds that have been delivered to the Community Library.

  • The Community Library has an outside TRL book drop box for returning Timberland library materials 24/7. Please do not place other community library materials in the TRL book drop. 
  • Although patrons may pick up their holds at the community library, there are no Timberland library books or other Timberland library materials housed at this location.
  • Donations of good condition books, video (VHS) tapes, CDs and DVDs can be dropped off during regular hours.  These donated materials will not become part of the Timberland Regional Library collection.  They will remain in the community library and can be borrowed by local residents.

The library kiosk is a partnership of Timberland Regional Library and the Friends of the Toledo Library.


  • Status: Annexed city, TRL kiosk in community library