Timberland Regional Library invites discovery and interaction
with our vibrant collection, services and programs 
for learning, enrichment, and enjoyment 
for people of all ages in our diverse communities.


For those who seek – a connection
For those who question – a dialog
For those who create – a palette
For those who imagine – a story
For all – a place to belong



  • We promote a welcoming, supportive, and engaging environment for people of all ages and strive to provide superior customer service.
  • We work with people in our communities to meet their individual needs and interests.


  • We manage the library ethically with accountability, transparency, and clear communication to build public trust in TRL and its staff.


  • We develop partnerships to build stronger communities.
  • We work together trusting and respecting our various talents to provide the best service possible.

Community Focus

  • We are innovative, creative, and flexible in developing library services and programs that meet the needs of TRL’s diverse communities.

Strategic Plan

2014-2018 TRL Strategic Plan