All policies are approved by the Timberland Regional Library Board of Trustees.

PDF icon Behavior Expectations Poster.pdf864.57 KB
PDF icon Friends of the Library Memorandum of Understanding MOU.pdf397.09 KB
PDF icon s- Confidentiality of Library Records Policy.pdf155.61 KB
PDF icon s- Donations of Materials Policy.pdf261.14 KB
PDF icon s- Fees Policy.pdf145.18 KB
PDF icon s- Friends of the Library Policy.pdf310.75 KB
PDF icon s- Interlibrary Loan Policy .pdf121.36 KB
PDF icon s- Internet Use Policy.pdf135.08 KB
PDF icon Compliance Measures for Children’s Internet Protection Act 2020.pdf69.18 KB
PDF icon s- Library Card Eligibility Policy.pdf142.76 KB
PDF icon s- Marijuana and Tobacco Free Workplace Policy.pdf318.45 KB
PDF icon s- Open Data Policy.pdf107.04 KB
PDF icon s- Public Display Spaces Policy.pdf263.15 KB
PDF icon s- Public Records Request Procedure for the Public.pdf263.57 KB
PDF icon s- Social Media Policy.pdf361.92 KB
PDF icon s- Unattended Children Policy.pdf107.29 KB
PDF icon s- Use of Library Materials Policy.pdf131.08 KB
PDF icon s- Cash Receipting Policy.pdf154.11 KB
PDF icon s- Epidemic, Pandemic, and Communicable Diseases Policy.pdf306.38 KB
PDF icon s- Fund Balance Management Policy.pdf301.76 KB
PDF icon s- Informational Technology Security Policy.pdf125.11 KB
PDF icon s- Grants Policy.pdf137.67 KB
PDF icon s- Partnerships Policy.pdf436.38 KB
PDF icon s- Policies and Procedures Policy.pdf262.07 KB
PDF icon s- Sponsorships Policy.pdf105.87 KB
PDF icon s- Anti-Discrimination and Harassment Policy.pdf283.89 KB
PDF icon s- Appraisal of the Executive Director Policy.pdf294.32 KB
PDF icon s- Chemical Hazard Communication Policy.pdf314.96 KB
PDF icon s- Drug and Alcohol-Free Workplace Policy.pdf277.27 KB
PDF icon s- Equal Employment Opportunity Policy.pdf301.83 KB
PDF icon s- Leaves Policy.pdf323.77 KB
PDF icon s- Lost and Found Policy.pdf132.65 KB
PDF icon s- Meals and Breaks Policy.pdf100.62 KB
PDF icon s- Reference Checks and Personal Reccommendations Policy.pdf106.88 KB
PDF icon Standards of Conduct.pdf415.63 KB
PDF icon Standards of Performance.pdf292.7 KB
PDF icon s- Use of Extra and Vacant Position Hours Procedure.pdf329.24 KB
PDF icon 2 ALA Code of Ethics.pdf187.46 KB
PDF icon 3 ALA Freedom to Read.pdf199.57 KB
PDF icon 4 ALA Freedom to View.pdf187.75 KB
PDF icon 5 ALA Library Bill of Rights.pdf277.43 KB
PDF icon s- ADA Equal Opportunity to Participate Policy.pdf438.04 KB
PDF icon s- Americans with Disabilities Act - Enforcement and Access Rights Complaint Procedure.pdf437.93 KB
PDF icon ADA Title II Request For Accomodation Form.pdf132.22 KB
PDF icon ADA Title II Complaint Form.pdf231.88 KB
PDF icon Background Check Policy.pdf163.71 KB
PDF icon Animals in the Library Policy.pdf401.93 KB
PDF icon Confidentiality of Library Records and Data Privacy Policy.pdf157.37 KB
PDF icon Facility Use for Political Purposes Policy.pdf104.32 KB
PDF icon Disruptive Patron Behavior Policy.pdf132.71 KB
PDF icon Artwork Guidelines.pdf149.56 KB
PDF icon Artwork Loan Agreement.pdf939.13 KB
PDF icon Tort Claim for Damages Fillable Form.pdf1.09 MB
PDF icon Volunteer and Presenter Policy.pdf137.59 KB
PDF icon EPCD - Covid 19 Procedure.pdf202.62 KB
PDF icon Gift Policy.pdf136.56 KB
PDF icon Travel Policy.pdf136.05 KB
PDF icon Computer Use Rules.pdf107.32 KB
PDF icon Behavior Expectations Handout rev2022.pdf2.18 MB
PDF icon Health, Saftey and Wellness Policy.pdf155.31 KB
PDF icon Charge Card Management Policy.pdf143.14 KB
PDF icon Information Technology Security Policy.pdf132.41 KB
PDF icon Collection Guidelines.pdf92.09 KB
PDF icon Collections of Materials Policy.pdf97.32 KB
PDF icon Employee Use of TRL Equipment and Resources Policy.pdf109.4 KB
PDF icon Meeting Room Use Policy.pdf98.81 KB
PDF icon Public Works and Purchasing Policy.pdf153.46 KB
PDF icon Signature Authority Policy.pdf138.25 KB
PDF icon 2023-2025 CBA Base Unit Final.pdf716.46 KB
PDF icon 2023-2025 CBA Supervisor Unit Final.pdf727.83 KB
PDF icon Dress and Appearance Policy.pdf99.48 KB
PDF icon Employment Policy.pdf113.96 KB
PDF icon Public Records - Public Access to Library Records Policy.pdf98.6 KB
PDF icon Security Monitoring Policy.pdf98.84 KB
PDF icon Special Use of Library Facilities and Grounds Policy .pdf98.64 KB
PDF icon Public Records Request Procedure for Patrons.pdf107.06 KB
PDF icon Public Records Request Form.pdf124.55 KB
PDF icon Expanded Access Hours Policy.pdf112.62 KB
PDF icon Ethics - Board of Trustees Policy.pdf118.46 KB
PDF icon Building Fund Policy.pdf117.7 KB
PDF icon Capital Assets Policy.pdf337.47 KB
PDF icon Ethics - Employee Policy.pdf115.75 KB
PDF icon Facilities Policy.pdf102.46 KB
PDF icon Naming Policy.pdf112.41 KB
PDF icon Trustee Orientation and Development Policy.pdf103.14 KB
PDF icon Food Purchase Policy.pdf102.31 KB
PDF icon Public Comments Policy.pdf104.04 KB
PDF icon Proposed Service Point Analysis.pdf145.04 KB
PDF icon Collections of Materials Policy.pdf110.73 KB
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