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Access text of The Seattle Times from 1985-current, and the image version from 2018-current.

Small businesses, common business types, and creating business plans.

Step-by-step maintenance and repair instructions for small engines.

Animated, talking picture books; puzzles and games; videos. For library and home use only. Not allowed from school sites.

Universal Class online learning courses for people interested in the lifelong pursuit of knowledge. There are over 500 courses that you can take at any time without waiting for sessions to start or end. Once enrolled in a course, watch engaging videos, complete assignments, and receive feedback from instructors. For many courses a Continuing Education Unit (CEU) certificate is offered at successful completion. Some courses are also available for video-only auditing. (Universal Class Tutorial)

Free genealogy websites for genealogical research in every county and every state of the United States.

Full-text coverage of 10 major national newspapers from the 1980's to the present.

Weekly newspaper serving east Grays Harbor County 8/23/2007 to the present.

Access point for the Washington State Newspaper collection from NewsBank content. Includes local TRL area papers, The Seattle Times, Tacoma News Tribune, and many other sources.

Search Washington libraries and beyond. 

Use WOIS/The Career Information System to take a career interest survey, learn about careers, explore educational programs (in WA and beyond), discover schools and colleges, and find training programs.

This collection of ebooks from the Washington State Library can be accessed by anyone in any community across our state! Powered by geolocation, these books are available for simultaneous use for readers of all ages, with no username or password required. Kids and Teen Comics collections, Young Adult (YA) collections of Fantasy & Sci-Fi and Mystery & Action, Adult Fiction, and Adult Nonfiction.