Suggest a Purchase


Request an item that is not in our catalog. Due to the large volume of suggestions received, we are unable to purchase all requested materials. If purchased, requests can take anywhere from 1-3 months before available for checkout.

Patrons are limited to 5 purchase suggestions per week. 

Items that we will consider for purchase (books, music CDs, Audiobooks, DVDs, Blu-Rays):

  • Items with broad interest for library users across the TRL district.
  • Items available for purchase now (we do not take pre-publication/release requests)
  • Items published/distributed within the last two years (unless they are a part of a series TRL has already started purchasing)

Log into Overdrive to suggest an eBook or Audiobook purchase.

Need help? Please either use our LiveChat feature in the bottom right of your screen, contact your local library branch, or Ask A Librarian.

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