Timeline for Classification and Compensation Study 2018-2020

Timeline includes Classification and Compensation (Class and Comp) information and project dates, notes and links to Board meetings and meeting minutes where Board was provided information, updates, and had discussions about the Classification and Compensation project.

March 2018  

May 2018  

  • Segal Waters begins work on Classification and Compensation Study for TRL. 

July 2018 – May 2019  

Timeline for project. Shared outlines, specific steps, and work in the process from May 2018 - May 2019 [Class and Comp Project Timeline and Updated Class and Comp Timeline Nov 2019].  

  • July: Classification Analysis begins: Position Description Questionnaires (PDQs) created by Segal Waters, staff provided feedback, finalized. Segal Waters Powerpoint TRL Class and Comp Staff Presentation – July 16, 2019 
  • August: Project Initiation: interviews with HR, Executive Director, Department Heads, Project Review Committee; communication to all employees. PDQ forms sent to employees. 
  • September: Project Initiation: Compensation and benefits survey to all staff open through Nov. 2, 2019 
  • October: Classification Analysis: PDQ results reviewed 
  • November: Classification Analysis: Segal Waters - compensation strategy developed; interviews with staff conducted; compensation and benefits survey results compiled and analyzed; sent TRL summary of survey findings; survey results presented to staff [from presentation: Over half of TRL employees who responded do not believe they are being paid adequately: slide 12. Majority of respondents providing comments do not think pay is competitive/reflects performance level: slide 15 [slides 12-17 lots of info on how TRL employees felt underpaid given cost of living/scope of work] 
  • December: Classification Analysis: Project Review Committee Meeting #2, Segal sends draft recommendations to TRL, Market assessment process begins: determines peer employers, benchmarks, and information to collect for compensation review, sends TRL draft peer survey for review. 
  • January: Classification Analysis: TRL approves recommendations: Segal finalizes job titles and structure recommendations. Market analysis: peer survey edits completed and sent out. 
  • February: Classification Analysis: Segal sends updated job descriptions to TRL; Market analysis: Segal receives peer survey results, compiles, analyses data. 
  • March: Market Assessment: Segal drafts data tables, sends to TRL for review and feedback, drafts report for TRL review, discusses draft market study report. 
  • April: Market Assessment: Segal sends final report to TRL. Recommendation development: Segal and TRL discuss compensation policies and practices, Segal designs salary schedule and recommends pay grades, determines cost impacts, drafts recommendations for TRL review; TRL and Segal discuss recommendations, Segal sends final recommendations.  


June 2019: 

  • 6/19/2019 Board Meeting: Agenda 7d. Class and Compensation Update – Kandy Seldin 

  • Board Minutes June 19 2019 Corrected: TRL BOARD MINUTES - minutes approved at 9/25/2019 Board meeting

    • Page 4d. Class and Compensation Update – Kandy Seldin, HR Coordinator shared an update on where we are with the class and compensation project. She noted that we have met with the employee work group and shared the draft proposed job titles and a draft job description template from the consultant. She noted that the work group asked to create a FAQ document for staff. The group worked collaboratively on the FAQ and it was sent to staff. First negotiations meeting is scheduled for July 18. We will continue to make updates to the staff and to the trustees.

    • Department Report: HR  Human Resources – Kandy Seldin
      • Classification and Compensation Study: Participated in weekly meeting with consultant and administrative staff. Prepared and developed multiple related documents including a Frequently Asked Questions handout. Arranged and presented information to the Admin Team (6/4/19) and the Work Group (6/06/19). 
    • Director’s Report page 9:  
      • Once the job titles are confirmed, the next steps for the consultant are a salary analysis and recommendation, as well as new job descriptions later in June. 
      • With Administrative staff, regularly worked with Classification and Compensation consultants to review new job titles; TRL’s working group for this project, “Class & Comp Review Committee” reviewed the draft/working document of new job titles and provided feedback. This group also provided input into identifying technology knowledge, skills and abilities that will be added to the new job descriptions. The group met on June 6 to discuss recommended job titles including union and non-unionized job titles, the new job description template, and a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)  document to address staff questions. description template, and a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document to address staff questions.  Working with the Union on the FAQ document. 


July 2019: 

  • TRL Classification and Compensation Assessment by Segal Waters presented at the July 24, 2020 Board Meeting. Included estimated costs for implementation of new position titles, descriptions, and salaries. 

  • Board Minutes July 24, 2019 Draft – minutes approved at 8/28/19 Board meeting. Class and Compensation Update –Kandy Seldin, HR Coordinator shared an update on where we are with the class and compensation project. She noted that we are factoring in and working with our union leadership to talk about the job descriptions. Consultants Segal Waters were onsite last week, provided the prepared the report and presented it to Administration and the Class and Compensation Work Group. TRL did a YouTube live link that allowed staff to watch the presentation in real time or at a later time. She noted that a copy of the presentation was in the Board’s packets tonight. There is also the FAQ, which includes ongoing updates as items are added. Trustee Varness asked if there were positions that were downgraded and Kandy responded that there is a recommendation to narrow down the number of titles from 61 to 45, noting it is to streamline and consolidate when it makes sense.  

    • Department Report: Human Resources Other - Brenda Lane, Admin Svs. HR, Communications - Finalized all job descriptions for the Class and Compensation visit on 7/15-16. Released data from Segal Waters to staff for review.  
      • Hosted YouTube Live for staff Working Group to view the Segal Waters Class and Compensation Presentation
      • Began Negotiations with Union Leadership and staff representatives on 7/18. 
    • Director’s Report page 5-6: Classification and Compensation Study Update:  
      • Kandy will be providing an update to the Board at the July Board of Trustee meeting. 
      • On July 16, the consultants presented to the Working Group as well as to all staff in the 27 libraries via YouTube (in real time), their final report and recommendations and answered staff questions. The PowerPoint presentation, updated FAQ, and the YouTube video was posted after this meeting for all staff to review via SharePoint. 
      • The Administrative Team met with the consultants on July 15.  
      • During the week of July 8, the new recommended draft job titles and draft job descriptions were shared with staff via SharePoint.  
      • Once the job titles were confirmed, the next steps for the consultant was a salary analysis and recommendation, as well as new job descriptions.  
      • With Administrative staff and Kandy, regularly worked with Classification and Compensation consultants to review new job titles; TRL’s working group for this project, “Class & Comp Review Committee” reviewed the draft/working document of new job titles and provided feedback. This group also provided input into identifying technology knowledge, skills and abilities that will be added to the new job descriptions. The group met on June 6 to discuss recommended job titles including union and non-unionized job titles, the new job description template, and a Frequently Asked Questions document to address staff questions. 


August 2019: 

  • Board Minutes August 24, 2019 Draft - minutes approved at 10/23/19 Board Meeting. Introduced Kandy Seldin who shared that we are entering the negotiation phase of the class and compensation study. Currently there is an appeal process that staff may use with a deadline of 9/20. The whole process now moves to the union-management negotiations phase and reports will be ongoing over the next two months. 

    • Department Report page 9 Classification and Compensation Study Update: Staff who wish to appeal the proposed recommendations for their classification are to complete and submit an Appeals form by September 20. 
      • Classification and Compensation Study: This project has continued to require significant HR time this month.
        • Participated in multiple meetings with the consultant, administrative staff and employees. Worked on forecast documents for potential implementation costs. 
        • Created job descriptions for two Administrative Assistant positions. 
        • Created and posted an Appeals form for staff use. Deadline to submit an Appeal is September 20, 2019.
    • Director’s Report page 9: Classification and Compensation Study Update: Staff who wish to appeal the proposed recommendations for their classification are to complete and submit an Appeals form by September 20.  


September 2019: 

  • 9/25/2019 Board Meeting: Board Meeting Minutes 9/25/19 minutes approved at 10/23/19 Board meeting. Of note Agenda 13b. Pages 5-6 - Comprehensive Strategic Planning for Facilities – Trustee Hirschi reported that the committee discussed the change to the fund balance policy and that this change will give us $4.9 million, one time money and she would like to talk about the options of what this money can be used for. She noted that this is just a beginning discussion and ideas. We talked about batching installation of services like expanded access. Suggestions include exploring services such as Expanded Hours Access, tech/mobile services by retrofitting surplus courier vans, demonstration locations in Lacey and West Olympia, as well as an express library location in Grand Mound and co-locating with the Chehalis Tribe were all discussed. She noted that this money cannot be used for salaries and that these ideas would be to look at additional services and expanding hours for our patrons and as a way to begin to reduce our FTE. We are also working on a 5-year plan for our buildings and adding some of this money to the Building Fund would be important. The trustees had previously asked Cheryl to start looking at this and she is now asking the board for permission to talk with staff in order to flesh out all of these ideas and to talk about how we would move ideas forward. Trustee Hirschi noted that we will go about spending in a very deliberate manner and in a way that the board approves the service points and types of services we move forward with. Trustee Varness stated that we know that we are moving forward with higher staff costs and we have to work within the constraints of our budget. They gave Cheryl direction to start talking with staff. 

    • Director’s Report page 4 includes this update from HR:  
      • Human Resources:  
        • Negotiations update: Management and Union representatives continue to meet and discuss the next collective bargaining agreement.
        • Classification and Compensation Study Update: Staff who wish to appeal the proposed recommendations for their classification are to complete and submit an Appeals form by September 20. 
  • Agenda 15a. Executive Session Report – Negotiations Update:
    • In Executive Session, the Board is presented with these documents:
      • Segal Waters Report for the Board
      • a summary of all the new titles and changes adopted (effective 1/01/2020) as part of the Classification and Compensation Study (unrepresented positions listed are page 4 of document)
      • worksheet that showed the Administration Team was reduced by 4 positions from 2019-2020. The 2020 salary savings for the downsized team was $374,805.24 (this amount does not include the benefit savings for the 4 eliminated positions).
      • The Career Status forms for the 4 Admin Team members, reflecting the Class and Comp Study recommendations made by Segal Waters.
      • Update with 4 possible compensation options; Board votes to go with option B - the cost is within the parameters set by the Board for Class and Comp implementation (option B - Sept 2019 Board Meeting).


October 2019: 

  • 10/23/19 Board Meeting: Agenda 16a: Executive Session Report – Negotiations Update [no other mention of Class and Comp in 10/23/19 Board meeting minutes] 

    • Board Meeting Minutes 10/23/19 minutes approved at 11/20/19 Board meeting
    • Department Reports: HR Human Resources – Kandy Seldin, Coordinator  
      • Classification and Compensation Study:
        • Participated in several meetings with administrative staff and employees.
        • The deadline to receive staff Appeal forms was 9/20/19. Appeals were received for nine classifications. The Classification Committee will be reviewing and responding to staff in coordination with the union negotiation process that is underway. 
      • Labor Relations: 
        • Created a summary document for the negotiation team (including the union members) that proposed implementation of the Class and Comp Study, cost of living adjustments, a cycle of more frequent benchmark salary surveys and a draft 2020 salary schedule. 
        • Researched and gathered CBA information from other comparable AFSCME Collective Bargaining Agreements in the area. 
        • Participated in contract negotiation meetings. 
    • Director Report: Negotiations: Management and Union representatives continue to meet and discuss the next collective bargaining agreement. 


November 2019: 

  • 11/20/19 Board Meeting: Agenda 15a. Executive Session Report – Negotiations Update 

    • Board Meeting Minutes 11/20/19 - minutes approved at 12/18/2019 Board meeting
      • 2020 Preliminary Budget Approval – Cheryl shared that only minor edits such as typos have been changed from the budget presented last month. The trustees noted that prior to the Board meeting, the Board reviewed the budget with Eric. It was a good and informative meeting. With no further discussion, the following motion was made: 19-62 – BRENDA HIRSCHI MADE A MOTION TO APPROVE THE 2020 PRELIMINARY BUDGET AS PRESENTED. BOB HALL SECONDED. MOTION APPROVED. 
        • Final Board Comments: Trustee Varness noted that materials were posted late and need to be available sooner. Trustee Hirschi wished everyone a happy thanksgiving. Trustee Blanton praised everyone who worked on the budget document, noting Eric’s stellar work. The budget process is getting clearer and clearer. He is also really happy to see the numbers that come from Ryan’s reports.
    • Department Reports: HR  Human Resources – Kandy Seldin, Coordinator 
      • Labor Relations: 
        • Participated in a negotiation sub-committee meeting on 10/28/19, as well as several preparatory meetings with the management team. 
    • Director’s Report: Human Resources:  
      • Negotiations: 
        • Union and Management representatives held their final meeting; a tentative Collective Bargaining Agreement was reached; next step - union staff members will vote sometime in the next few weeks.  
        • Classification and Compensation Study – reviewed staff appeals with Admin. Team and HR Coordinator who then met with Union representatives – agreement was reached.  


December 2019: 

  • 12/18/2019 Board Meeting:  

    • Agenda items of note:  
      • 10a Presentation of 2020 Final Budget – Eric discusses the salaries went up by $927,000 and benefits went up by $262,000; Brenda Hirschi asks if that covers everybody, Eric confirms it covers everyone both union and non-union [recording 31:00:00 - 32:17:00] He states he will come back and do a budget adjustment in March (will include if the new Community Engagement Librarians and if their positions vacated from the branches will need to be replaced) 
      • 11c Board approves Classification and Compensation Salary and Title Approval - all positions and pay grades included, including administration [page 4] 
      • Motion passes unanimously with no further discussion [in recording 1:13:45 -1:14:20 of meeting]  
    • Board Minutes December 18, 2019 – minutes approved at 1/22/2020 Board meeting [of note pages 4-6]
      • 10a. 2020 Budget [page 3]– Eric Lowell - Eric noted that the only difference between the salary and benefit items were as a result of the CBA which is on the agenda for a vote. Otherwise the numbers are on. Revenues went up 290K, expenditures at 17K, expenditures increased by 288K, and transfers out went down by 900K. This budget covers the current and new positions as outlined in the CBA and in March we will do a budget adjustment. He noted we will also do a budget adjustment for the technology fund the for the self-checkout machines. 
      • 11d. 2020-2022 Collective Bargaining Agreement Approval 19-72 [pages 4-7] – BRIAN ZYLSTRA MADE A MOTION TO APPROVE BOB HALL SECONDED. MOTION APPROVED UNANIMOUSLY. 
    • Department Reports: HR Human Resources - Kandy Seldin, Coordinator 
      • Labor Relations: 
        • A negotiation team “wrap - up” meeting was held on 11/18/19.  
        • On 12/05/19, meet with TRL Management and Union leaders regarding several department -specific issues. 
      • Classification and Compensation Study: 
        • Appeals were received for nine classifications. The Classification Committee reviewed the appeals and responded to staff in coordination with the union negotiation process that is underway. 
        • Provided preliminary information to Finance for 2020 budget preparation. 
        • Presented a brief update to library managers at 12/05/19 Council of Libraries meeting. 
    • Director’s Report: Classification and Compensation Study – initial implementation/process:
      • 2020-2022 Collective Bargaining Agreement is part of the December Board packet, along with a supporting document that outlines significant changes 
      • Beginning January 1,2020, the Library Group Staffing Model is no longer in effect this topic was discussed and negotiated with the Union during negotiations and the Classification and Compensation Study  
      • Beginning January 1, 2020 – there will be Library Supervisors at Amanda Park, Hoodsport, Packwood, Salkum, Tenino, Westport, Winlock; there will be 4 positions, each 1FTE, with the working title of Community Engagement Librarian to be based at the Service Center or from other libraries which have vehicles assigned to the location, depending on where the successful candidates reside. These two jobs positions, Library Supervisor and Community Engagement Librarian, have been internally posted, with interviews during the third week of December. Management will be reviewing all positions vacated by successful candidates as part of the ongoing soft hiring freeze to determine whether or not those positions will be filled. 
      • The 2020 Budget reflects these added positions. There will be a budget adjustment by March 2020, with an update of staff positions. 
      • Eric will provide additional details at the Board meeting. 
      • Administrative Team Update: Administration Team Update: 
        • With the soft hiring freeze, the Facilities Manager position is under review , taking into consideration the Classification and Compensation Study recommendations - a decision has been made to create a Lead Facilities Maintenance Technician – the position is currently posted 
        • There are now 5 Administrative staff: Kendra, Andrea, Eric, Brenda, and me (earlier in the year there were 9 Administrative staff) – there will be no further reductions in staffing levels for this team