Frequently Asked Questions

What are zines?

zines - copy and destroy
Zines (pronounced "zeen," like "bean") are self-published - often via photocopier - magazines with limited print runs. They can be on any topic or many, are usually written by one person or a few individuals, and typically provide an individualistic or alternative point of view. Copy and Destroy image from Stolen Sharpie Revolution  zine by Alex Wrekk

The zine collection currently lives at the Olympia Timberland Library, where they are arranged in alphabetical order by title. You can search for zines in the catalog and request them to be sent to the Timberland library of your choice.

You can search the catalog by author (ex: Wrekk, Alex), by title (ex: Funwater Awesome#1), or by subject (ex: feminist zines). To see a list of all 43 zine subjects, search the word “zines” as a subject word.

You can check out up to fifty total items, including zines, with your Timberland library card. You may keep a zine for three weeks and renew it twice as long as nobody else is waiting for it. You will pay 15 cents per day for each zine that you return late

We purchase zines that we have found to be of general interest to the readers in our communities with an emphasis on local and Northwest zines. We collect zines in over 40 subject areas, including: Activism, Body Image, Comics, Disabilities, DIY & How-to, Elderly, Feminist, Food, Homelessness, Humor, LGBTQ, Literature & Poetry, Music, Parenting, Punk, & Teen zines.

Zines are the purest form of counterculture expression that exists in printed form, and insightful indicators of current times. They represent the under-represented and give voice to marginalized members of society. Zines are interesting and cheap, and as a public library, it is our job to provide access to all types of information.

Timberland accepts zine donations that fit our collection guidelines, and we place an emphasis on zines that were created locally. If we decide that a zine isn’t right for our collection, we give the zines back or donate them elsewhere, based on your preference.